Google services


Improve the visibility of your business on the Internet using Google services. «Google My Business», «Google Maps» will help you effectively to present the information about your company or organization in a convenient form.

  • Placing objects on Google Maps, drawing roads and new buildings

    The accuracy of putting object on a map is an important factor. MMG specialists will add your location to the map quickly and efficiently. It is compulsory to remove or join duplicate places on the «Maps».

  • Updating Data

    We help city administrations in solving important tasks, such as updating information about city’s infrastructure, landmarks and tourist spots.

  • Verification of locations

    Verified reliable locations have more users’ confidence. Consultation on the usage of map services («Maps», «My Maps», «My Business» and «Maps API») is possible.

  • Cyber defense of urban locations from vandals

    Users are provided with protection against unjust change of names or contact information, moderation of photos. Also, changing of the names, phone numbers and sites’ locations is not allowed.


The Google My Business page is practically a website that is available as quickly as possible and contains the information that potential customer may need.

  • The News and Promotions

    Inform your customers about up -to -date information. Show, what special offers you have currently. Our copywriters and editors can create the most effective titles and announcements of your events.

  • Map

    Properly placed mark on the map is crucially important for any business. With the help of making a route, taking into account traffic and traffic schedules a potential client can quickly find the best way to you.

  • Photos

    Post photos which best show your establishment or office. We will also help to remove unwanted photos that added to your location by other users.

  • Events

    Make your company profile in «Search» and «Maps»- interesting. Post new posts and photos specify the actual hours of work and do not forget that you can create your own website for free.

  • Reviews

    Maintain good relationships with the most important people for your business. Respond to customers’ feedback to gain their trust.

  • How to get there

    Get closer to your customers. The «How to get» button significantly increases the chances that a potential client will be able to find you. If there is no road to your location on Google maps, our experts will fix it.

    Provide customers with a convenient way to contact you in any situation: they can find a route on Google Maps.


Creating a Google My Business account from 600 UAH
Adding location on Google Maps from 600 UAH
Making a route of public transport to the location from 850 UAH
Re-registration of Google Maps account to another user 850/1400 UAH
Merging several accounts into one 1200 UAH
Changes to your Google Maps account from 300 UAH
Immediate/ urgent verification Google Plus page from 850 UAH


    Write us your question and we will contact you.


      Write us your question and we will contact you.